Data Scientist Cheatsheet & Interview Guide

Sanjay K V
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The Book covers everything for a Data Science Journey and covered the basic and advanced topics and interview questions for Python, SQL, Statistics, and Probability. The Book also included Cheatsheet for Python, Matplotlib, Pandas.

Important Note

  • The Ebook will be updated on a weekly basis
  • Will be adding more Free resource cheatsheet as per the feedback.
  • The Ebook is Targeted for Intermediate.

Why Would You Want to Learn Data Science?

Data Science is an industry that is on track to be worth in excess of $100 BILLION by the end of 2021. it's also one of the most fun & creative careers in the world. You get to join the #1 industry for mixing technology and Product.

If you like solving puzzles, building businesses & learning constantly, then Data Science is the place for you.

Who am I To Teach Data Science?

I worked as Software Engineer for 3 years, I've been in the Data Science industry for well over a year now, contributed over 150 blog posts, spoken at 50+ conferences, and currently doing Post Graduation in Data Science at Macquarie University, Australia.

What's Inside This eBook?

This eBook is a complete introduction to Data Science for beginners, the chapters include Interview Guide, Expert Guide on Interview, Python Cheatsheets.

If you are already an expert this will help you to learn the basics fast and Switch companies.

This Ebook has been purchased by 500+ People so far, really glad to see this.

And best of all? It's only $25! now reduced the price to 1$ (Limited Time)

Still, if you are a student you can reach out to me at to get the Book FREE.

Though you can always chuck a few extra bucks my way if you really feel the need.

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3 Complete Cheatsheet for Python, Matplotlib, Pandas. SQL Python Interview Guide for Data Scientist, Updated Python Landscape and fixed broken links on July 21.

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Data Scientist Cheatsheet & Interview Guide

52 ratings
I want this!